Piloxing ®

Piloxing Join the latest Hollywood Celebrity fitness craze sweeping the nation! PILOXING® uniquely mixes Pilates and boxing into a fat torching and muscle sculpting workout guaranteed to whip you into shape. Experience the transformation as you attain a sleek, sexy and powerful self-image.

PILOXING® is an exciting, new inter-disciplinary program that is attracting die hard followers including Hollywood celebrities and international stars.

PILOXING® uniquely mixes Pilates and boxing moves into a fat torching, muscle sculpting, core-centric interval workout, guaranteed to whip you into shape, using a class format that's both fun and challenging.

PILOXING® is the brainchild of Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen and the culmination of her mission to physically and mentally empower women through fitness. At the core of PILOXING is the principle that feminine is powerful and it aims for women to attain a sleek, sexy and powerful self-image.

PILOXING® blends the power, speed and agility of boxing with the beautiful sculpting and flexibility of Pilates. Add to that the fun and sexy dance moves that reflect Viveca's personality.

In addition to Pilates and boxing movements, the exercise incorporates the use of weighted gloves which add to the workout by toning the arms and maximizing cardiovascular health.


About Viveca Jensen

Creator of Piloxing

Viveca Jensen is a professional dancer, Pilates instructor, bodybuilder, trained boxer, studio owner and personal trainer to the stars. After seven years of running a successful business, Viveca used her business savvy and fitness acumen to create a new inter-disciplinary exercise program, called PILOXING®, a unique mix of Pilates and Boxing peppered with the flavor of dance. The program, over the last couple of years, is now an immensely popular fitness craze, attracting devotees worldwide.

Building on the fundamentals of Pilates, Viveca has resourcefully incorporated her education, training and life experiences into a fitness style that is uniquely her own. With the mental and physical goal of attaining a "Sleek, Sexy and Powerful" self-image, Viveca has designed an innovative workout, geared toward women, incorporating key elements of both disciplines. The PILOXING® DVD is an international best seller. Her program is distinguished by a genuine passion for helping clients break through personal barriers to achieve life-long health.

Born and raised in health-minded Sweden, Viveca's interest, in body sculpting, pre- PILOXING®, led to her placing 1st in the Swedish Body Building Championship. Her confidence buoyed, she decided to pursue her first love of dance, and was soon admitted to the internationally renowned Stockholm Ballet Academy. There she completed a rigorous 3-year-program with extensive instruction by Prima Ballerinas and Ballet Masters in all aspects of traditional dance, jazz and the demanding Martha Graham method. After performing in Stockholm's professional theater community for three seasons, she came to Los Angeles to study under the tutelage of Billy Goodson and eventually toured worldwide as a professional dancer appearing in music videos and films.

Viveca is the CEO of the PILOXING Academy and V-Pilates studio in Toluca Lake, CA, which has been featured on TV shows such as ET! and The Insider. Viveca has been featured in several magazines including Shape, Pilates Style, OK!, People and US Weekly. Her studio is a favorite training Mecca for celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Victoria Secret models and regular clients who want a fun, effective and inspiring workout experience.

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