Did you know that you could get started at Complete Fitness Gym for as little as $45/month? Yeah, there are commitments, but what better to invest in than your health? There are many flexible packages from which to choose. There are individual and family memberships as well as corporate memberships available. You can include your personal training in your membership or you can choose from other add-ons available such as group fitness classes, personal training, sauna use, and tanning beds. You can pay each time you work out, or you can make a commitment with a contract. Call us for more information. We'd be happy to show you around and give you details and answer any questions you may have after seeing the facilities.

Obesity is Costly

One reason often given when asked why they do not exercise is money. The gym membership is one of the first things to go in a recession as people pull back on their spending. $35/month is less than some monthly medications which could be completely STOPPED by exercising regularly! How could a gym membership be expendable? If you don't have $35/month, do you have enough money to afford the cost of being obese? Exercise is not a guarantee that sickness will not befall you, but it is a proven way to ward off obesity and all of the conditions that come with it.

If you watched "The Biggest Loser," you heard Suze Orman give us all another reason to keep our weight in check: our finances. According to the quiz given to the contestants, this nation spends $147 billion a year on obesity-related expenses. But how does being obese affect an individual? According to the quiz given by Suze on "The Biggest Loser," an obese employee earns $7000/year less than their fit peers in one year - by the way, that's enough to pay for a basic gym membership at Complete Fitness for 16 years! Why do obese people earn less? The answer to that question is varied but points to a Cornell University study which revealed employers want to avoid health insurance costs and discrimination plays a role as well. Employees with weight issues tend to be ill more often, costing their employers money in both time resources and insurance costs.

Is this you? Do you feel that perhaps your earning potential has been stifled by lack of good health? Why just settle for that outcome? Why not fight back? At Complete Fitness, we can give you the tools to fight for your health, for your body. Come in and speak with us and unleash your full potential! Being obese or having preventable chronic conditions is costly. But you don't have to settle for that. We hope to see you soon!

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